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Polymer Nylon Materail Energy Saving And Insulation Lebus Sleeves For lifting Winch

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leubs groove system ensures that the multi-layer winding wire rope on the drum is completely smooth into and out of the drum, and can greatly prolong the life of the wire rope. This system is still the most effective and perfect method. Tests have shown that the Lebus druml can extend the wire rope with a rope groove matching the specifications of the wire rope.

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Advantage of the sleeve

our company developed LEBUS rope groove has obvious advantages. LEBUS rope groove suitable for multi-layer winding, can effectively reduce or avoid steel wire Rope disorder phenomenon. In the design process of the winch drum, the wire rope winding will effected by the winch drum has a large opening angel, bottom diameter selection, position of guide block, rope structure, rope groove spacing, rope groove the spiral Angle of the parallel section and the climbing section, so, the study of winch drum structure and characteristics, will help to reduce or avoid oil field field hoist drum disorderly rope phenomenon, prolong the use of wire rope and drum life.

The material of  the sleeve

For efficiency and cost saving, the polymer drum sleeve developed and produced by our company adopts linear structural material with molecular weight of more than 1.5 million (the molecular weight of ordinary material is only 200,000 ~ 300,000) to process LEBUS rope groove, which is closely connected with the drum by spiral thread

Advantage of nylon material

High molecular nylon material light weight, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubrication, absorption of impact energy and other comprehensive characteristics. Polymer drum skin, mainly supporting imported drum and domestic large, super large drum drum hoist, prevent wire rope extrusion or bite wire rope damage, so that the wire rope can smooth transition between the layers

Product lookview

PRODUCT NAME multi-layer wire rope of cable onto hoisting drum spooling system lebus sleeves
PRODUCT OTHER NAME Lebus groove sleeve
DRUM GROOVE ROTATION Lefthand ,Righthand
SLING TYPE Wire rope or cable
PRODUCT OTHER NAME LBS groove drum or wire rope drum
MATERAIL High polymer nylon or carbon steel
GROOVING TYPE Lebus groove
Polymer Nylon Materail Energy Saving And Insulation Lebus Sleeves For lifting Winch
Polymer Nylon Materail Energy Saving And Insulation Lebus Sleeves For lifting Winch

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