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 Split sleeves for efficient use

Short Description:

The LEBUS split-sleeve system consists of a pair of outer shells that are bolted or welded onto a smooth drum to provide a grooving pattern. Either helical or LEBUS parallel grooves can be carved into the sleeves.
As with all LEBUS drums, the grooving in split sleeves is engineered to match the specific rope construction, diameter and length, and to suit the application.
When the split type drum fence skin is installed, the split fence skin sleeve is wrapped on the smooth slotless drum, and is closely connected with the drum through bolts or welding, so that the original smooth surface of the drum outside the surface becomes the form of lebus double folding rope groove, which is convenient for the application of winch modification or replacement of the drum.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product lookview

PRODUCT NAME multi-layer wire rope of cable onto hoisting drum spooling system lebus sleeves
PRODUCT OTHER NAME Lebus groove sleeve
DRUM GROOVE ROTATION Lefthand ,Righthand
SLING TYPE Wire rope or cable
PRODUCT OTHER NAME LBS groove drum or wire rope drum
MATERAIL High polymer nylon or carbon steel
GROOVING TYPE Lebus groove

Technical parameters and application

No: Wire diameter(mm): Rotation direction Main drumdiameter(mm) Main drum length(mm) Application
1 8 10 13 Lefthand,Righthand 430 763 The oil workover rig winch,Towing winch

Tower crane

2 13 18 20 Lefthand,Righthand 623 1144 Engineering winch,Lifting winch,Crawler crane
3 22 25 26 Lefthand,Righthand 730 1220 Mining winchLogging Winch
4 18 22 32 Lefthand,Righthand 670 1240 Drilling Rig Winch,drawworks
5 28 32 36 40 Lefthand,Righthand 560 630 Rotating Drilling Rig winch,Lifting equipment
6 26 28 32 45 Lefthand,Righthand 760 1146 1970 1765 Offshore Crane,Marine crane,Mooring winch

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