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Lebus grooved drum for lifting winch

Short Description:

Winch , also known as hoist, is a small and light lifting equipment with a winding wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects .
The drum is the most important part of the winch system,Our company specializes in the production of LEBUS grooved druml, LEBUS groove can effectively solve the problem of multi-layer winding rope, can avoid the phenomenon of rope biting rope, greatly save the rope, improve the work efficiency.
The LeBus system is a method of controlling the spooling of wire rope on a winch drum so that there is no practical limit to the number of layers that can be spooled with safety, irrespective of the severity of load and speed conditions or the sizes of rope and drum.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product  name Cable winch drum
Drum Quantity Single Or Double
Drum Design LBS Groove Or Spiral Groove
Material Carbon Stainless And Alloy Steels
Size Customization
Application Range Construction Mining Terminal operation
Power Source Electric and hydraulic
Rope Capacity 100~300M

Product Structure

Groove Drum Composition: Drum core, Flanges, Shaft, Etc
Processing: Rope drums with grooves cut directly into them.Winch drum with flange, the LBS groove is cut directly into the body of the drum, according to customers’ requirements, the flanges are either welded or screw-bolted. groove geometry is determined by rope construction, diameter and length, and by application. the drum has the required mounting dimensions for the actual operating conditions.

Product Application

1.. Offshore Marine machinery: Offshore petroleum crane winch, Mooring winch, Traction winch, Man-riding winch, Anchor winch, Hydrologic winch
2. Engineering machinery: Cable winch, Tower crane, Piling machine, Hydraulic winch
3. Oil field industry: Oil drilling rig, Petroleum tractor hoist, Petroleum workover rig, Trailermounted pumping unit winch , Logging winch, etc
4. The building machinery: Building wipe wall winch, Winding hoist, Windlass
5. Mining winch: Dispatching winch, Prop-pulling winch,Sinking winch, etc
6. Crane machinery: The bridge lifting machine, Tower crane, Gantry crane,Crawler crane winch

Necessary parameters for production

Wire rope diameter or cable diameter(mm)
Inner diameter D1(mm)
Outer diameter D2(mm)
Width between the flanges L(mm)
Rope capacity(m)
Rotation direction:left or right?

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