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Lebus grooved drum with ratchet for ocean surveying winch

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An overview of the ratchet

The ratchet teeth are usually one-way teeth. The ratchet claws are hinged on the rocker. When the rocker swings counterclockwise, the driving pawl is inserted into the ratchet teeth to push the ratchet to rotate in the same direction. When the rocker swings clockwise, the pawl slides over the ratchet and the ratchet stops turning. In order to ensure that the ratchet does not reverse, the retaining pawl is often installed on the fixed member. The reciprocating swing of the rocker can be realized by the crank rocker mechanism, gear mechanism and the swing cylinder, etc. When the transmission of small power, it is also useful to drive the pawl directly with electromagnet.

Design of ocean survey winch

The offshore winch is an important equipment for ocean surveying, which has a great influence on the surveying work. Due to the large length and mass of the cable, the cable is also subjected to great force, and the cable arrangement is affected by the cable to make the cable arrangement uneven, resulting in the cable entanglement, the drum can not work normally, resulting in poor pay-off accuracy, and the line is stretched out. A sudden change in the length of the line may cause damage to the precise marine exploration instrument and affect the measurement work. In addition, when designing a offshore winch, the increase in the overall length of the cable leads to an increase in the overall cable mass and excessive reel load. The traditional solution is to increase the volume of the drum and increase the wall thickness of the drum, resulting in an increase in the volume and mass of the winch

 overview of the Lebus Grooved

LBS drum is a kind of groove for multi-layer winding of wire rope introduced from abroad. Because of this rope groove in the drum

Most of the circumferential section is kept parallel to the flange end face, only in a very small section and the flange end face intersection,

However, there is a phenomenon of turning, it is named "folding rope groove" too.

Years of practical use has proved that this kind of drum with special rope groove structure can well solve the difficulty of multi-layer winding rope

The double folding cable groove system ensures that the multi-layer winding wire rope on the drum is completely smoothly drawn into and rolled out of the drum,.

offshore equipment 650KN eletric winch with CCS certification (3)
offshore equipment 650KN eletric winch with CCS certification (2)
offshore equipment 650KN eletric winch with CCS certification (1)

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