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Multiple grooved Winch Drum For BMU

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Window cleaner is commonly used for cleaning and maintenance of Windows and external walls of buildings or structures. Mainly by walking mechanism, bottom frame, winch system, column, rotary mechanism, boom (telescopic arm mechanism); The winch system is the most important part. Its design is directly related to the structure layout of the whole machine, working reliability, stability, wire rope life and the stability of the whole machine.
LEBUS grooved double or multiple drums group produced by our company, suitable for all kinds of window cleaning machine, to solve the rope in multi-layer winding rope problem.

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double or multiple drums group

Drums group consists of mandrel shaft, flange inner ring, mandrel hub, bearing and bearing seat. When one end of the mandrel shaft is equipped with a switch of a rotary rise limit position limiter, it must be ensured that the mandrel shaft rotates synchronously with the rotation of the rise limit switch.

What are the safety requirements of the drum group

1. When the fetching device is in the upper limit position, the wire rope is fully rolled in the spiral groove; In the lower limit position of the fetching device, there should be 1.5 rings of fixed wire rope groove and more than 2 rings of safety groove at each end of the fixing place.
2. Check the running state of the drum group regularly and deal with any problems in time.
3. The slant Angle between the drum and the winding wire rope shall not be greater than 3.5 degrees for single-layer winding mechanism, and shall not be greater than 2 degrees for multi-layer winding mechanism.
4. Multi-layer winding drum, end should be edge. The edge shall be twice the diameter of the wire rope or the width of the chain than the outer wire rope or chain. Single winding single reel shall also meet the above requirements.
5. The parts of the drum group are complete, and the drum can rotate flexibly. There shall be no blocking phenomenon and abnormal sound.

What is the correct way to replace wire rope for drum group

Actuate the reel and raise the wire rope until the new rope rises to the reel. Disassemble the connection of the old and new rope head, tie the new rope head temporarily on the trolley frame, and then start the drum, place the old rope on the ground. Wrap the new wire rope around the rope tray specially used for replacing the wire rope, cut it off according to the required length, and wrap the broken end with fine wire to prevent loose. Transport it to the crane and put it under the bracket that can make the rope disc rotate.
The hook is lowered to clean ground, and the wire rope is moved back and forth several times earlier to break, then the pulley is placed vertically, and the reel is moved to lower the old wire rope until it can no longer be placed.
If another lift rope is used, the other end of the new rope should also be lifted up and the two ends of the rope fixed to the drum. When the lifting mechanism is started, the new wire rope is wound around the drum and the final replacement is completed.

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