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lebus grooved drum for tower crane

Short Description:

ower crane is a rotating crane whose boom is mounted on the top of the towering tower. It is mainly used for vertical transportation of materials and component installation in construction of multi-storey and high-rise buildings. It is composed of metal structure, working mechanism and electrical system. The metal structure includes tower body, boom, base, attachment rod, etc. The working mechanism has four parts: lifting, luffing, turning and walking. Electrical system includes motor, controller, distribution frame, connecting circuit, signal and lighting device, etc.
The drum is an important part of the tower crane, which plays the role of hoisting or lowering heavy objects by winding the wire rope.
The wire rope must be correctly wound on the winch drum to proceed smoothly. A drum with a rope groove helps to wind the wire rope neatly and avoid wire rope disorder. The winding of the wire rope should be as smooth as possible, so as to give full play to the performance of the wire rope and prolong the service life. If there is a rope guide groove on the drum, it will help the winding smoothly, our company produces LEBUS rope groove drum, it is to realize the smooth winding of the rope

Product Detail

Product Tags

Drum Quantity Single
Drum Design LBS Groove Or Spiral Groove
Material Carbon Stainless And Alloy Steels
Size Customization
Application Range Construction Mining Terminal operation
Power Source Electric and hydraulic
Rope Capacity 100~300M

the use of environment:

1. Outdoor use is allowed;
2. The altitude does not exceed 2000M;
3. Ambient temperature -30℃ ~ +65℃;
4. It is allowed to work under rain, splash and dust conditions.

Product Model:

This rebus reel model is: LBSZ1080-1300
Represents the diameter of the Ribas drum is 1080mm, the length is 1300mm,

Precautions for the use of crane winch

1,The wire ropes on the crane drum should be arranged neatly. If overlap and oblique winding are found, they should be stopped and rearranged. It is forbidden to pull the wire rope by hand or foot in rotation. The wire rope shall not be completely released, at least three laps shall be reserved.
2, crane wire rope is not allowed to knot, twist, in a pitch break more than 10%, should be replaced.
3. In the crane operation, no one shall cross the wire rope, and the operator shall not leave the hoist after the object (object) is lifted. Objects or cages should be lowered to the ground when resting.
4. In the operation, the driver and signalman should maintain good visibility with the lifting object. The driver and signalman should cooperate closely and obey the unified command of the signal.
5. In case of power failure during crane operation, the power supply should be cut off and the lifting object should be lowered to the ground.
6, work to listen to the signal of the commander, the signal is unknown or may cause accidents
The operation should be suspended and the operation can be continued until the situation is clear.
7. In case of sudden power failure during crane operation, the brake knife should be opened immediately to put down the goods.
8. After the operation is completed, the material tray should be landed and the electric box should be locked.
9, crane wire rope in the process of use and mechanical wear. Spontaneous combustion corrosion of local damage is unavoidable, should be intervals coated with protective oil.
10. Overloading is strictly prohibited. That is, more than the maximum carrying tonnage.
11. Attention should be paid not to knot the crane during use. Crush. Arc wound. Erosion by chemical media.
12, shall not be directly lifted high temperature objects, for objects with edges and corners to add protection plate.
13, in the process of use should often check the wire rope used, reach the scrap standard should be scrapped immediately.

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